Special Programs Enrollment Methods

There are five methods available for enrolling participants into a special programs course. These enrollment methods only apply to faculty who are facilitating a non-academic (special programs) course. These enrollment methods are not applicable with academic courses.

  1. Manual Enrollment
  2. PeopleSoft Program Identifier (Script Enrollment)
  3. Automatic Enrollment via URL
  4. Special Programs Enrollment Tool
  5. Enrollment Through myUCF Portal

Manual Enrollment

You can manually enroll participants into the course using their NID or UCF ID. Using this enrollment method, participants will receive an email invitation to join the course. Participants must accept the invitation to gain access to the course.

Not Advised for Required Courses

Participants have the option to deny a course invitation. If participation in your special programs course is required, do not use the manual enrollment method.


PeopleSoft Program Identifier (Script Enrollment)

Using this enrollment method, participants will automatically be enrolled into the course based on a specified degree program, certificate program, and/or course. This enrollment method is automatic and does not use course invitations. Participants will be given instant access to the course.

Script Enrollment Does Not Remove Students

This enrollment method will not remove students from the course. Once the enrollment script is applied to your course, students who change majors and/or graduate (but still maintain their student status) will continue to have access to the course.

Automatic Enrollment via URL

This enrollment method allows participants to enroll into your special programs course by navigating to specified URL. Participants can then accept access into the course.

Special Programs Enrollment Tool

The Special Programs Enrollment Tool allows faculty to directly enroll participants into their course. When using this method, participants will be given instant access and will not receive an email invitation to join the course.

This tool also allows you to conclude individual participant enrollments in the course. Once you conclude a participant’s enrollment, the course will go into a read-only state for the participant. They will be able to read all the course content; however, they will not be able to participate in any discussion, assignments, quizzes, or conferences.

Conclude Enrollments

While this tool also allows you to remove students from the course, it is recommended that you conclude their enrollment instead.

Enrollment Through the myUCF Portal

This enrollment method allow you to add the course in the myUCF Portal. Participants can then request access to the course by logging into the myUCF portal.

Not Available for Students

This method of enrollment is only available to faculty and staff. Students can not enroll into a special programs course linked within the myUCF Portal.


Enrollment Methods at a Glance