Manually Enroll Participants in a Special Programs Course

Regardless of the special programs enrollment method you choose for your course, you can always manually enroll participants into your course.

Academic Course Enrollments

If you are teaching an academic course (i.e. any course found in the undergraduate/graduate course catalog), students will be automatically enrolled into the course via PeopleSoft when they sign up for the course through the myUCF Portal. You do not need to manually enroll them into the course. Any manually enrolled students that have not enrolled in the course through the myUCF Portal will be automatically deleted from the course.

  1. Navigate to the People tab in your special programs course.
  2. Click the Add People button.
  3. There are two ways to manually enroll a participant: NID or UCFID. Select one option to enroll a participant.
    Note: You can paste multiple participant NIDS or UCFIDs in the text box. For multiple enrollments, separate each NID or UCFID with a comma or line break. You can not mix NIDs and UCFIDs in the same enrollment.
  4. Select the Student option in the Role dropdown menu.
  5. If desired, select the appropriate section in the Section dropdown menu.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. If there are any errors with your enrollment, click the Start Over button.
  8. To finish the enrollment process, click the Add Users button.

The participant will receive an invitation to join the course. Until the participant accepts the invitation, a Pending note will display next to the participant’s name.

Rejecting Course Invitations

With the manual enrollment method, participants have the option to reject a course invitation. If you do not want your participants to reject a course invitation, consider using the special programs enrollment tool instead.