Include Statement about Active Duty Military Students in Your Syllabus

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The Quality and High Quality online course reviews explore components proven to be best practices in online course design. This post showcases Quality item, “Required core policy statements are clearly stated in the syllabus: Active Duty Military Students.”

The Required Components of the Syllabus policy states that “a statement regarding accommodations for active duty military students,” must be included in the syllabus. 
Syllabus statements, including one about active duty military, are posted on the FCTL Syllabus Statements page:

Students who are deployed active duty military and/or National Guard personnel and require accommodation should contact their instructors as soon as possible after the semester begins and/or after they receive notification of deployment to make related arrangements.

What Are Some Ways Your Online Course Can Be Designed to Meet This Standard?

Consider using the Syllabus templater tool to make sure the required components of the syllabus are included, including the statement about active duty military. This automatically includes all of the university policies that should be included, so you do not have to go digging for the latest version. There is also an Interactive Syllabus template, which is a little more robust than the Syllabus template (featuring a Table of Contents and policy statements shortened by accordions), but features the same information.

What Does This Look like in a Real Online Course?

Example 1. Active Duty Military statement, using the Syllabus templater.

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