Students can learn content in online courses more effectively when connections between related bits of information are clear and are presented in distinct coherent “chunks”. This entry describes strategies for displaying content in ways that support learning.

Quality Review Showcase The Quality and High Quality online course reviews explore components proven to be best practices in online course design. This post showcases Quality item, “Technical support information (e.g. tutorials, instructions) for using technology tools are provided.” It can be easy to assume that students know how to use online tools simply because …

All content in a course should be accessible by all students, and it is important to provide students information about the accessibility features of all technologies in an online course, including those that will be used outside the learning management system. This post shares strategies for providing accessibility information about third-party tools.

When students perceive that they know the instructor in an online course, their satisfaction is higher. This post shares strategies for conveying your personality and presence in an online space.

If a student is not proficient at using a technology that is necessary for success in an online course, it will impede their learning. This post shares strategies for ensuring that students have access to information that will help them skillfully use the technology tools in your online course.

An important component of supporting students to get started on the right foot is an explicit schedule that communicates the pace at which students will engage with all the course elements. This post shares strategies for providing a meaningful, accessible, easy-to-read schedule for your course and reminding students of important dates.