Episode 6: Understanding the Coming CBE R/Evolution

About Episode 6:

In this episode, join hosts Thomas Cavanagh and Kelvin Thompson as they discuss online competency-based education (CBE) in its various forms. Tom and Kelvin consider whether CBE is evolutionary, revolutionary, or both as higher education institutions innovate in the ways they serve their students.

Episode 6 Show Notes:

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2 Replies to “Episode 6: Understanding the Coming CBE R/Evolution”

  1. I attended WGU specifically for some of the reasons you mentioned. I knew I could get through materials faster in a CBE program than in a traditional one. The mentor relationship worked well for me too and it definitely helped that he was not the same person grading my assignments. It took a few months to wrap my mind around it and get used to the fact that I could rely on him (my mentor) to just guide and not spend our time talking about how to do assignments etc. but I would not have had it any other way!

    1. Thanks much for sharing your personal story with CBE, TechChic! So glad to hear that this was a positive experience for you.

      Keep listening and engaging! 🙂


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