Using the Lightboard at the FMC

Lightboard Station in the FMC

The lightboard is essentially like a whiteboard, just kicked up a notch! The lightboard technology is a great way to make your videos more engaging because the students are able to see both you and the content. You are easily able to work out equations, illustrate examples, and use Powerpoint slides or images. It’s simple and easy to use. And don’t worry, you won’t have to write backward!

Tips for When to Use the Lightboard

Examples of Faculty Using the Lightboard

Using PowerPoint Slides or Images with the Lightboard

Are you using PowerPoint with your Lightboard video? Use our Lightboard PowerPoint Template to ensure your video looks great. It includes tips for creating a dynamic and engaging Lightboard video. You can also use any images or graphics in your Lightboard video!

Lightbulb Image

Lightboard Tips & Tricks

Want to up your Lightboard recording game? Follow these 5 quick tips.

1. Practice. Even if you have delivered a lecture a hundred times, delivering to the camera is different and may require tweaks to your typical presentation.

2. Wardrobe Selection. Wearing solid colors will work best. Logos and letters will be reversed in the recording and small of patterns will moiré.

3. Plan Your Presentation. If you are doing a lot of writing, plan your presentations and identify good places to pause and erase the board. Keep in mind, you can pause and/or stop your recording at any time.

4. Be Yourself. The lightboard is meant to feel more like a one-on-one approach. If you have some pauses or stutter, that is just fine. We are all human.

5. Engage Your Audience. Your audience is on the other side of the camera; make sure to look at them when you can. The viewer will feel higher levels of engagement when you do.

Stop by the FMC (Faculty Multimedia Center) in Classroom Building 1, room 202, for a lightboard demonstration. Our studios allow faculty members to record high-quality lectures, introductions, or other informative videos that can include live annotation, drawings, and more. These videos are recorded locally and ready to go with you as soon as the recording is complete.

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