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The Quality and High Quality online course reviews explore components proven to be best practices in online course design. This post showcases Quality item, “Technical support information for tools used in the course is provided for learners (e.g. Webcourses@UCF Support, UCF Service Desk, vendor tool help desk).”

By: Roslyn Miller, Instructional Designer, CDL

You are the expert concerning the course content and discipline. However, you may not feel quite as expert in the online learning management system, Webcourses@UCF. Fortunately, there are services that support both teachers and students in skillfully using Webcourses@UCF. Highlighting these services for students in your course quickly points them in the right direction and allows you to focus on the course itself.

The Student Support for Learning Online page is a “one stop shop” for students seeking technical support for Webcourses@UCF. Most notably, they are provided multiple ways to contact the Webcourses@UCF Support team. Students new to Webcourses@UCF can take a Webcourses@UCF student tour, as well as explore Knights Online, a series of online modules which address the question, “What do I need to be a successful online student?”

What are Some Ways your Online Course can be Designed to meet this Standard?

  • Include a “Technical Support” link on your home page (Example 1). Not sure of the link? Use the Templater tool to insert a template home page that you can edit. The direct link is https://cdl.ucf.edu/support/student/
  • Include technical support resources in a “Course Expectations” page (Example 2). Not sure of the links? Use the Templater tool to insert a template Course Expectations that you can edit. Links include Center for Distributed Learning, Webcourses@UCF Support, and Knights Online.
  • Include a question about technical assistance in a Getting Started quiz. For instance, “You are taking a quiz and suddenly you get kicked out, and can’t get back in. Who should you contact for assistance?” (Answer: Webcourses@UCF Support team)

What Does This Look like in a Real Online Course?

Example 1: Technical support link on Home Page via the Templater tool.

Technical support link on Home Page via the Templater tool

Example 2. Technical support information on Course Expectations page via the Templater tool.

Technical Resources

  • Center for Distributed Learning’s website provides information about support services and resources available for distance learners (e.g., Service Desk, Technology Commons, and campus computer labs).
  • Webcourses@UCF Support provides technical support for students taking online courses at UCF.
  • Knights Online: Resources specific for online students including Webcourses@UCF tutorials.
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