Proctored Exams at UCF

UCF faculty have several remote proctoring solutions from which to choose to ensure academic integrity in electronically-delivered courses. In order to meet course assessment needs during the period of remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, UCF provides the following platforms:

Honorlock Privacy and Security

Be assured that all solutions that UCF implements, including Honorlock, must pass through a privacy and security evaluation by the UCF IT Information Security Office. Honorlock has signed UCF’s rigorous “Secure Handling of UCF Data” agreement. This agreement goes beyond the provider’s general terms of service.

Regarding some specific concerns that have been raised:

  • Honorlock does not sell student information to third parties (section 4 of the Secure Handling of UCF Data Agreement).
  • Honorlock does not scan home networks or monitor data from any device on the network other than network activities within the chrome browser that the plugin is installed within.
  • Honorlock has no access to other devices in the network; it simply interacts with the student’s browser.
  • Since the browser extension is contained within the Chrome browser itself, it only has access to the limited operations that are provided by the browser – nothing else. Students may deactivate the extension when the exam concludes.

For detailed information regarding Honorlock’s privacy and security, please refer to their Student Privacy Statement and their latest blog post: A Message to Students New to Online Education and Remote Proctoring.

Access to a Webcam and/or Mic for Proctored Assessments

Your instructor may require the use of a webcam and/or mic for proctored assessments. Many modern laptops already have these peripherals built in. As a student, it is your responsibility to review your instructor’s syllabus and acquire such tech if necessary.

During a proctored exam (i.e., assessments using ProctorHub or Honorlock) – You will need a webcam and mic connected/integrated to your desktop or laptop that you are taking the assessment on. You cannot use a mobile device as a webcam while taking the assessment on your computer, nor can you take the assessment on your mobile device, as these proctoring platforms do not run on mobile devices. You also cannot use a virtual platform, such as UCF Apps, since it will not recognize your camera and microphone.

As always, if you have any concerns about your ability to meet the technical requirements of any exam, please contact your instructor as early as possible. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Webcourses@UCF Support using their online form at

Review this announcement for information how you can acquire a webcam through UCF.