How Faculty Can Administer Proctored Exams at UCF

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

UCF faculty have access to Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor to support academic integrity in courses with online instruction:

Respondus LockDown Browser plus Monitor is a secure assessment browser that students must download and use to take their exam. If the instructor enables Monitor then a webcam and microphone is required and the student is recorded during the exam.

Learn More

For more general information introducing Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, please view one or both of the videos below:

  1. Canvas (Classic Quizzes)
  2. Canvas (New Quizzes)

Verifying LockDown Browser Settings

When copying assessments forward from one course to another, it is recommended that instructors verify their Respondus LockDown Browser settings in the destination course prior to student access.

Enable Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are already available in all course sections at UCF, but may not be enabled in your course menu. If you do not see LockDown Browser in your course menu, you may need to edit your course navigation links to enable it.

Configure LockDown Browser and Monitor Settings

For information on how to enable Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor in your course, please view the videos below:

  1. Preparing an exam for use with Respondus Lockdown Browser
  2. Allowing students to use the Lockdown App on their iPads

Best Practice

When requiring Respondus LockDown Browser plus Monitor for online assessments, it is strongly suggested that instructors include a practice exam that students can engage in to resolve any technical issues prior to taking a higher states quiz or exam.

What’s New

Respondus Monitor builds on top of Respondus LockDown Browser

  • You can use Respondus LockDown Browser on its own, or add Monitor and use the two tools together.

Fully-automated proctoring

  • The Monitor software looks for certain behaviors and creates a report for faculty, who can check timestamps when reviewing the student exam experience.

Auto-launch from any browser

  • After students have downloaded the browser the first time, they will be prompted to use the browser for their enabled exams.

Screen recording on per-exam basis

  • The screen recording setting is controlled by instructors on a per exam basis, and the setting is only available for exams that use both LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.

No scheduling or registration required

  • With many testing centers reducing their seats or closing doors for good, it makes it much easier for students to complete their proctored exams in a timely manner.

Supports most devices

  • Including macOS, Windows, Chromebooks and iPads.

Compatible with New Quizzes

  • Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor both integrate with your Canvas assessments seamlessly whether you are using Classic or New Quizzes.

What’s Coming?

Respondus vision

  • Respondus Monitor has a new computer vision engine that improves the accuracy of exam flagging, resulting in a large reduction of “false positive” flags. Instructors may also notice more robust detection of “multiple faces,” such as when exams are administered in public places. Overall, the flagging will feel more precise and have less noise.

Tilt camera down

  • Respondus Monitor will provide students specific instructions when the camera angle requires downward adjustment. This will reduce the repeated reminders when students sit upright momentarily to respond to a face detection warning, only to be prompted again when they slouch back into their seat.

Fewer video interruptions

  • A new method of video recording will reduce the number of “video interruption” warnings in the proctoring results. This is accomplished by storing segments of videos locally if the student’s upload connection is interrupted for a short time, and then uploading those portions of the video when the connection is restored.

Higher video quality

  • The video recordings will appear sharper during playback, especially when older webcams and slower networks are used by students.

Faster proctoring results

  • In the past, proctoring results were available 2-8 hours after the submission of an exam. With the new system, proctoring results will be available in under 30 minutes for most sessions.

Faster pre-exam steps

  • Students will notice the pre-exam steps for Respondus Monitor (webcam check, recording the environment video, etc.) are faster than before.

Choose sensitivity levels for flagging

  • Instructors will be able to choose a sensitivity level for the flagging system. This selection occurs on the proctoring results page and will recalculate the Review Priority score and ranking.

Algorithm fairness

  • Respondus Monitor has been periodically tested to ensure that age, gender and skin tone don’t impact proctoring results for students (see This process now occurs every time code is modified, ensuring that Respondus Monitor remains fair and equitable to all users.

Additional Resources


Honorlock is in use by a limited number of faculty with live proctoring needs associated with accreditation for a specific exam. In other cases, Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor is sufficient for online proctoring needs. Visit our Honorlock page to learn more about how to use Honorlock.