Q2 2023 Roadmap Objectives


New Quizzes

Enhanced grading capabilities in New Quizzes will allow educators to enable anonymous grading, reducing the perception of bias in the classroom.

Phase 3 of the Rich Content Editor (RCE) integration will allow instructors to leverage 3rd party apps in New Quizzes, delivering a compelling and engaging quiz experience.

Educators save time by having entry points to SpeedGrader for New Quizzes that are within their typical workflows.

Instructors can create practice quizzes that are tailored to their teaching and learning needs and maintain the quality of gradebooks.

Alignment summaries, now with New Quizzes included, allow instructors to easily surface gaps in learning outcomes, enabling effective curriculum development and supporting meaningful student engagement.

Instructors save time scoring manually-graded items in New Quizzes by being able to jump to a single quiz item and grade that same question across all students.

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