Champion of Open – Justin Reyes

Describe your open educational resources and/or practices:

Students in my PHY2054C College Physics 2 course use open educational resources. In this course, the OpenStax textbook for college physics, which is available online, serves as a valuable resource for open education. It provides an easily accessible and personally editable textbook, with many example problems and exercises, along with access to other open source software such as PhysTech lab simulation programs.

Describe the impact open educational resources and/or practices has had on your teaching and/or students’ learning:

The OpenStax textbook has made it cheaper for students to have access to exclusive material. They now have access to any personal notes that I add to the open source textbook. In addition, the number of questions available through the textbook have made the initial course preparation simpler in that quiz assignment and generation can be easily carried over from the textbook to the online course section.

What is one piece of advice for other faculty interested in OER/P?

If you are interested in OER/P, it should be noted that you must be prepared to customize the material to your own needs and emphasis in the course you teach. This is where the open source material truly becomes beneficial. It must be supplementary to your teaching and customized to your needs.

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