Migrating to the New Quiz Tool

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We have more events planned for Spring 2024. We will update this page with new events coming up. If you would like any one on one help, please email webcourses@ucf.edu to set up a meeting.

We also have a Zoom recording from our last digital event. You can view that recording here.

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New Quizzes for Newbies

New Quizzes for Existing Users

New Quizzes Introductory Video

Migration to New Quizzes in Webcourses@UCF

What’s New

Stimulus, Ordering, and Hot Spot Question Types  

Student Accommodations for New Quizzes 

Shuffle Answers by Questions 

Print Quizzes 

Require Waiting Period Between Attempts

In-exam Basic or Scientific Calculator

Rich Content Editor for Quiz Questions

Allow students to build on their last attempt of a quiz by reattempting incorrectly answered questions

What’s Coming?

3rd Party Tool Integrations (Publisher Materials) 

Outcomes Results will appear in the Learning Mastery Gradebook 

Downloadable Item Analysis 

Anonymous Grading

Specify timeframe to show student quiz answers

The ability for a Designer to edit and create a New Quiz

Mobile Support for Creating New Quizzes

What’s Changed?

Mastery Paths quizzes will need to be re-linked after migration 

ProctorHub will be retired for New Quizzes

Surveys can be accomplished by:

  1. Creating a zero-point quiz
  2. Anonymous Student Feedback 
  3. Qualtrics Survey  
  4. Microsoft Forms
  5. Materia Simple Survey

For more information on changes:

Please view the Classic/New Quizzes Comparison Document.

Interested in Trying New Quizzes?

New Quizzes functionality is available for anyone interested in using it in their courses. To access it, simply create a new quiz, and when the “Choose A Quiz Engine” popup box appears, select the “New Quizzes” option. For additional information on this and the various question types, please consult the New Quizzes Guide.

Student Resources

For your students who may be experiencing New Quizzes for the first time, please include a link to this New Quizzes for Students support article in your syllabus if some or all of your quizzes use the new format.

UCF Migration Timeline

We are continually assessing the New Quizzes updates to ensure they align with the UCF community’s requirements. Despite the substantial updates, we are not yet prepared to recommence the migration. When we’re ready to resume the transition to New Quizzes, we will provide ample notice to inform the UCF community of this impending change.

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023: Prepare for Summer and Fall 2023

As you prepare your Summer and Fall 2023 courses and copy your course content, migrate your quizzes to New Quizzes now.

Check the migrated Quizzes to make sure that everything is working properly and make any necessary changes and add new question types as desired.

If you have any questions or run into issues contact Webcourses@UCF Support.

If you use publisher materials, please reach out to the vendors to ensure that the content is compatible with New Quizzes.

During this time, Classic Quizzes will still be available and can be edited and updated.

Fall 2023

You will be prompted to migrate your active quizzes to New Quizzes if you have not already done so, so students are taking all their assessments in the same format.

Faculty will be able to use the course copy function to migrate all their quizzes to New Quizzes.

Training Sessions will be available to anyone that may require additional assistance.

Faculty will no longer have the ability to create Classic Quizzes within their courses.

Final Phase Spring 2024

Classic Quizzes will no longer be an option.

All current and future Quizzes will be delivered in New Quizzes.

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