#1 – S01E01 – “TOP” 7 Episodes of TOPcast Past


Hi. This is Kelvin popping into your podcast feed in anticipation of TOPcast’s upcoming SEVENTH season. For each of the seven weeks leading up to the first episode of Season 07 we are popping in to draw your attention to the most popular episodes of the preceding six seasons. 

First up: Season 01. The most downloaded episode from Season 01 remains the one that started it all, Episode #1. The pilot “WHAT IS ONLINE LEARNING? DEFINITIONS, BOUNDARY OBJECTS, AND BAGGAGE.” You can find this episode wherever you’re listening to this message or online at the following direct url: http://bit.ly/topcast_s01e01. Whether you’ve heard it before or not, give a listen to this time capsule from when Episode 01 was released in May of 2015.

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