Q1 2023 Objectives

Our objectives for Q1 include a host of activity as a result of cross-team efforts to address grading, outcomes, and milestone features like exporting. 

Grade By Question

We are continuing the work to add Grade By Question to SpeedGrader for New Quizzes. One of the enhancements we are planning is to add the New Quizzes Navigator Bar that is used in both the Build view for Instructors and when a Student is taking a Quiz.  This functionality will make it easier to navigate to specific questions such as those that require manual grading.   

Speedgrader Access

We have been evaluating the action links that are available from our menus (the three dots icon) and will be adding links to open SpeedGrader in additional menus so that instructors can access SpeedGrader with fewer clicks and within their current workflows. 

Outcomes Analysis report downloadable csv

We have started the work to allow instructors to export a CSV of the Outcome Analysis Report for a specific quiz from the New Quiz reports. This feature will allow users to use the exported data as needed for making data-driven decisions about teaching and learning.

Quiz Export

This quarter we have continued refining the technical plan for Quiz Export. The work can be divided into three sets of work:  Generating Quiz Data, Converting Quiz Data to an Industry Standard (QTI), and Integrating with Canvas.  In Generating Quiz Data, the underlying goal for exporting at this level is to get the data out of New Quizzes to a self-described format which would give us flexibility in supporting external standards. Development work is scheduled to begin in Q1.

Support for Sub-accounts

We will begin work to support sub-accounts in New Quizzes in order to allow sharing of Item Banks across sub-accounts. The ability to share an item bank with a subset of sub-accounts makes access control and bank lookup much more convenient: users only see shared banks relevant to their current sub-accounts.

Be on the lookout in the Production Blog for an additional post from Tamas about Phase 3 of New RCE (Third-Party Apps), APIs for Quiz Building, and Item Analysis.

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