What Does an Online Course Look Like?

Faculty Testimonials

icon_watchthisDr. Lori Walters – US Space History

  • The first time you login to the course do some exploring. Take a look at every feature that is open at the time.
  • Many instructors like to make sure you can navigate around the environment by giving you simple tasks to do such as posting an introduction on the discussion board or take a syllabus quiz
  • Don’t be anonymous. You get the most out of the class by actually participating. Post questions for both the instructor and the other students.
  • The online component, the sites you are asked to visit, and the text book collectively make the class. If you don’t do any one component, you’re missing out and probably won’t do as well as you should have.

icon_watchthisGrazia Spina – Italian Language

  • Begin with the Start Here page. That’s where you will find the Syllabus, Schedule, and Protocols. Many instructors also include an instructor video.
  • Course Content. This is where you will find the course material for each week. Some instructors make all the content available from the beginning of class, others will release it as you move through the semester.
  • Discussion Board. This is where you get a sense of community and many students also make lasting friendships.

icon_watchthisStephen Heglund – Nursing Research

  • Review the syllabus first. Then find the schedule. That’s where you find out all of your dates for your learning activities.
  • Pay attention to changes on the page. If you see a little green asterisk, go look at it. It’s either an new announcement from the instructor or posting on the discussion board.
  • Don’t be afraid to push buttons, you’re not going to break it.

icon_watchthisDr. Alisha Janowsky – Personality Theories

  • Quizzes. Pay very close attention to when quizzes open and close. Many instructors set an ending time to close the quiz. You don’t want to be in the middle of a test, have it close on you and be unable to submit it.
  • Make sure to check after you have submitted an assignment that it shows up in your submitted box. Occasionally technology fails to work properly and you want to know that before the instructor.
  • Course calendar. Many instructors use them to post due dates. You can also post your own reminders. It’s a great tool for staying on track.
  • Remember, your faculty is here to help. Feel free to ask questions.

icon_watchthisDr. Carolyn Massiah – Principles of Marketing

  • Students who cannot attend the class can actually go and watch the video stream later on.
  • Recorded lectures, communication with professor, and exams will be housed in Webcourses@UCF.
  • Panopto is the application used for lecture capture. It is a powerful review tool. It makes video of the professor, captioning, and PowerPoint slides available.
  • Lectures are indexed by PowerPoint slide and can be searched by keyword.
  • Tip for success: DO NOT get behind on the videos.