12/9/22 Rich Text Editor and Grades

This month’s Canvas update primarily features enhancements to New Quizzes: the Rich Text Editor in now available in New Quizzes, an option allowing students to clear multiple-choice answers, and improvements for creating fill-in-the blank questions.

There are also two notable user interface changes: 

Rich Text Editor – The Rich Text Editor now displays a word count – a great addition for minimum word count discussion posts. When you click on the Word Count, a pop-out window displays more details, including character count.

Screenshot showing the word count but then the Rich text editor

Grades – In the Grades page, the score column now displays the assignment score and total score in a single column. Additionally, students view an unread indicator (blue dot) on the feedback button when a new comment is added to an assignment or a rubric, and comments display in a pop-out comment tray.

Screenshot display in the assignment score in total score within the column up the grades page

For more information, view the Canvas Release Archive.

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