UCF Online Teaching Credentials

Explore the required credentials and professional development programs offered by the University of Central Florida (UCF) Center for Distributed Learning. 

Faculty Credentials

Faculty members who design and teach sections in Distributed Learning modalities, or those with the PAL attribute, receive the support and resources of the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL).  To become qualified to teach in Distributed Learning modalities, or the PAL attribute, faculty must earn credentials through CDL faculty development programs. The available credentials include: 

  • Asynchronous Design/Teaching (ADT): This credential permits course design and delivery in the W, M, MR and CBA’s REAL modalities, and is supported by CDL’s flagship IDL 6543 program or equivalent.
  • Asynchronous Teaching (AT):  This credential permits the delivery of an existing W, M and MR modality course without substantial alterations and is supported by the ADL 5000 program.
  • Video Design/Teaching (VDT):  This credential permits course design and delivery in the synchronous and asynchronous V, VL, ML, RL and RS modalities.  It is supported by CDL’s Effective Teaching with Video (ETV) program and predecessor programs.
  • Adaptive Design/Teaching (PAL): This credential permits course design and delivery using adaptive learning technologies identified by the PAL attribute.  It is supported by the PAL 6000 program or equivalent product training.

Required Professional Development

The table below lists the UCF online teaching credentials and the Center for Distributed Learning professional development programs that have been offered to earn each credential

Faculty Credentials Professional Development Options
Asynchronous Design/Teaching (ADT) IDL6543, OFRA, EOT, or DLI78361
Asynchronous Teaching (AT) ADL50002
Video Design/Teaching (VDT)

To satisfy this criteria, participants must complete any one of the following options:

  • ETV
  • Zoom Essentials or Panopto Essentials along with one of the following: IDL6543, ADL5000, EOT, or OFRA.
  • Grandfathered Trainings that are no longer offered3
Adaptive Design/Teaching (PAL) PAL6000 or PAL5000
Professional Development Mode Description
IDL6543, OFRA, DLI78361, or ADL50002 W – Web-Based
M – Mixed Mode (Flexible or Live)
RS – Limited Attendance (Flexible or Live)

With Panopto Essentials
V – Video (Flexible)
EOT1 W – Web-Based
M – Mixed Mode (Flexible or Live)
RS – Limited Attendance (Flexible or Live)
V – Video (Flexible or Live)
TLC1, TLCz1, EOT – Video1, or ETV (new) V – Video (Flexible or Live)
PAL6000 or PAL5000 Course attribute: PAL

1 Course retired; no longer offered.
2 ADL5000 qualifies only to teach inherited courses designed by ADT credentialed faculty.
3 COEV, COBV, IDV or ETV, TLC, TLCz, EOT – Video

What Type of Course Can Faculty Teach?

At UCF, faculty possess the flexibility to teach various types of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of students. Understanding the different modalities available is essential for faculty members as they pursue credentials prior to teaching in an online or blended modality.  
This table below identifies which credentials are required to teach specific modalities and identifies other implications, such as classroom scheduling, the Distance Learning Fee, and requirements for synchronous course interactions. Each modality presents unique opportunities and challenges, and faculty members play a pivotal role in selecting the most suitable approach for delivering effective instruction. For an overview of course modalities offered at UCF, including detailed descriptions on in-person, online, and hybrid formats, please visit UCF Course Modalities.

Modality Credentials1 Classroom Scheduling DL Fee Short Modality Description
In Person
N/A Face-to-Face
Classic M (may include video content) >20% classroom
Mixed-Mode 20% Classroom
M but only 20% classroom maximum
Classic W
VDT4 Classroom plus livestream meetings
Livestream, 20% Classroom Attendance
20% classroom maximum plus livestream meetings
Video Content, 20% Classroom Attendance2
20% classroom maximum plus video recordings (REAL5)
Video Livestream
Online livestream meetings
Online Video Content
Online w/video recordings

1 Review the faculty qualifications for a list of credential definitions.
2 Asynchronous Design/Teaching (ADT)
3 Asynchronous Teaching (AT)
4 Video Design/Teaching (VDT)
5 CBA will retain the REAL attribute.

About our Professional Development Courses

To learn more about the professional development offered by the Center for Distributed Learning, visit Professional Development for Teaching