Screen Capture & Audio Recording at the FMC

Screen capture, or screencasting, is a way for you to record your screen with a voiceover. This is great for PowerPoints, showing webpages, demonstrating; pretty much anything you can do on a computer. This can be useful for creating a short video to help elaborate on a particularly difficult topic covered in class or provide a short course tour for students to help them navigate your online course.

We have two screen capturing platforms available for use: Camtasia and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Both programs are easy to use and produce great videos. Camtasia has the added benefit of also having post-production features like editing and adding graphics to your video/recording.


Camtasia Screenshot

Open Broadcast Studio (OBS)

OBS Screenshot

Note Annotations

Are you looking to annotate notes while screencasting? Then the Wacom monitor is the perfect solution. This monitor allows you to write on the screen with a pen, much like if you were writing on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Easy to use and a great way to add extra content to your videos.


Podcasts are a great way to deliver audio only content to your listeners. Some common formats of podcasting include interviews, conversations, and storytelling. This can also be a great way to record high quality audio for a lecture, speech, or to combine with a pre-existing video.

The Complete Guide to Doing Voice Overs Like a Pro

Chances are, if you make videos — especially how-to and explainer videos – you will need to record voice overs.