The Production Process

Our highly experienced and detail-oriented team handles most of these areas, without you needing to be personally involved. We believe sharing this process with you helps us provide a viable and creative video solution to any of your teaching challenges.





Meeting where expectations and ideas are ironed out for the video project


Producer’s responsibility to plan for resources, locations, and personnel

Video Editing

Software-enabled process of assembling all the individual video elements


Stage at which the idea is molded into a viable video

Video Acquisition

Any original video footage that needs to be captured in studio or on-location

Motion Graphics

Creation of the graphic elements and the movements on screen


Typically a collaboration with client and producer where the words for the script are formulated and finessed

Audio Recording

Any voice-over or sound to be used in the final edited segment

Draft Screening

Meeting with client to allow for viewing and feedback before the video is finalized


A tool used by the production team to visualize more complex video ideas

Screen Capturing

Screen movement or display from a website to be used in the final edited segment


Saving the video into the appropriate file formats for final delivery

Scouting Location

Visiting potential shooting locations to assess the needs of the production and possibilities

Graphic Planning

Determining what graphic elements are needed for the video


Sending video links to client or handing over digital copies


Finding the appropriate talent for the video project when needed