Expiration: Designation Renewals

How long does a Quality or High Quality designation last?

Quality and High Quality designations are valid for five years. After this time, the designation may be renewed. If not renewed, then the designation will be considered “expired” and the badge will no longer appear in the course.  

Why would I want to renew my designation?

If you decide to renew your designation, you will continue to display the digital badge in your course, receive a new acknowledgement letter from the executive director of the Center for Distributed Learning, and will be eligible again for Excellence in Teaching awards.

Many faculty who have participated in Quality and High Quality reviews have also reported benefits including:

  • Improved accessibility
  • Fewer emails from confused students
  • Higher SPIs
  • Higher than expected student performance
  • Improved communication with students
  • More diverse assignments
  • The opportunity to “make a good course a better course”

Engaging in the review process is also a great opportunity to reconnect and have a conversation with your assigned Instructional Designer. There may be new tools or functionalities that were not previously available that could help meet your course goals. 

How do I renew my designation?

Your Instructional Designer will make an effort to reach out to you 3-6 months before your designation is set to expire. By reaching out ahead of time, you and your Instructional Designer can get started on the renewal process early or determine a plan on when to begin the renewal process if you are not yet ready.

If you know that the Quality or High Quality designation is going to expire soon (or has already expired) and you are interested in renewing it, submit the Course Review Request form. 

To renew a designation, the process is quite similar to the current Quality and High Quality course review processes. Depending on the designation you currently have for your course, this is a quick summary of the options that may be available to you:

  • You have a Quality Online or Quality Blended designation SOON to expire:
    • Request to have your Quality designation renewed by engaging in a re-review.
    • Or, request to engage in a High Quality review before your Quality designation expires.
  • You have a Quality Online or Quality Blended designation that HAS expired:
    • Request to have your Quality designation renewed by engaging in a re-review.
  • You have a High Quality Online or High Quality Blended designation SOON to expire or HAS expired:
    • Request to renew the High Quality designation by engaging in a re-review.
      • Note: Your Instructional Designer will first conduct a Quality review before proceeding to the High Quality review. 

What happens to my course badge?

If the designation expires, the badge will no longer display in the associated course. If the designation has been renewed, the badge will appear again. Please note that during the review process, if the original expiration passes during the review period, the badge may temporarily be hidden from your course. Please be assured that the badge will display again after the designation has been earned.

What if I’m no longer teaching my course/currently not teaching my course, but another faculty member is?

We understand that there may be exceptions that can certainly be discussed with your Instructional Designer on a case-by-case basis. However, in most cases like these you can still have the course re-reviewed in order to renew the designation. Contact your Instructional Designer to start a conversation and discuss next steps.

Act Now

Interested in renewing the Quality or High Quality course designation for one of your online or blended courses? Complete the Course Review Request Form to start the conversation with an instructional designer. CDL encourages and supports faculty through the course review process. It requires only your commitment to succeed with enhancing your course.

The nature of the personalized consultation process requires that the instructional designer coordinate and schedule multiple steps in the course review process. We strive to coordinate these requests in a timely fashion. Please note that priority may be given to courses with time-intensive needs (applying for the Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching, online program accreditation, etc.).