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UCF began evaluating the impact of online and blended learning when the university first offered these courses in 1996 and 1997, respectively. Since that time, a number of other modalities have been developed including lecture capture and, most recently, adaptive learning.

RITE’s research indicates that UCF students take a mix of modalities, incorporating classes that best ‘fit’ their lifestyles. Online and blended student and faculty satisfaction is high because of the flexibility and convenience these courses offer them. In general, student success is slightly higher in the blended modality with online and face-to-face courses producing comparable student success rates.

For more information regarding RITE research on technology-enhanced learning, we invite you to examine RITE publications or to contact the RITE team.

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Distributed Learning Impact Evaluation

An evaluation of Web and Web-enhanced courses has been ongoing at UCF since the inception of the Distributed Learning Initiative in fall 1996. These are the topics we have generally researched regarding online and blended learning at UCF.

Modality Statistics at UCF

Review the number of students enrolled in various course modalities here at UCF.

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RITE and CDL personnel regularly present the results of their research along with other distinguished colleagues.

RITE Publications

RITE has published a number of book chapters and publications related to the ongoing distributed learning impact evaluation. You can also search all the published works from the Center for Distributed Learning.