Start-of-Semester Student Message Draft

Contacting Students Before the Semester Starts

It is recommended, particularly for fully online courses, to provide students with some basic information before their first class activity. Below is a sample of a start-of-term message that can be sent to all students registered for your course in the myUCF Roster. Step-by-step directions are provided at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to add to or edit this document for your use.

Read more about Using a Course Start-Up Message to Improve Student Outcomes.

Hello Students,

I am <faculty name> and I will be your instructor for <course title and section>.

Our first class meeting is <insert date here> in <room location>. Before our first class, please check to make sure that any computers or devices that you will use to participate in our course are up to speed. Because it’s built using web standards, our online course management system, Webcourses@UCF, runs on any device with a current browser:

If you use Spectrum to connect to the Internet, then please run the speed test at since these networks sometimes have trouble connecting to UCF systems. If you have low quality of service or questions, please contact the UCF Service Desk at 407-823-5117.

Once your computer is up to speed, log into our online course. The course will be available to you beginning on <date>.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your NID and password. If you do not know your NID, click on “What is my NID?” If you have forgotten your password, click on “What is my NID Password?”
  3. Access your course from the Dashboard or the Courses tab. Click on this course.

If you do not see our course listed, check in myUCF ( to make sure that you are registered. If you are successfully registered, please wait 24 hours before contacting me to make sure that your access isn’t just delayed.

On the main page of our course is a link to Introduction to Using Webcourses@UCF. Please watch this module- it will get you started on the tools we’ll be using this semester. The full orientation takes about 15 minutes. After the demo, complete the Intro quiz in our course- you will not be able to access any other course content until you pass this quiz. This information will be available to you throughout the semester, so you can refer back to it at any time. You are expected to have passed the Intro quiz prior to our first class on <date>.

If you have a problem with myUCF, contact the UCF Service Desk at (407) 823-5117.

If you have a problem with your personal computer, contact the Technology Commons at (407) 823-4357.

If you have a problem after you are logged into our course, contact Webcourses@UCF Support using their online form.

All this information is also available in the Syllabus posted in the course.

Please note: If you are on active duty in the military or located outside of the US, please contact me so we can discuss technology needs and assignment timelines.

See you in class!

<instructor name>

Optional ProctorHub Information for Students

ProctorHub is a UCF test monitoring system that utilizes a webcam to monitor activity during online testing. Videos are only accessible to your instructor and are stored in a secure environment. If you do not have a webcam, there are computers with webcams in the UCF library, or you can visit the LibTech ( desk at the library to check one out. Please note that these computers cannot be reserved ahead of time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you will have access to a computer with a webcam and know how to log into and use ProctorHub, prior to the time that the test begins. Currently, ProctorHub is not compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android smartphones. For more information, visit

Optional Lecture Capture Information for Students

This course will utilize lecture capture with Panopto. All recorded lectures will be available via the Panopto Videos link in the course navigation menu. Please ensure that your computer meets the minimum viewing requirements. Contact Webcourses@UCF Support if you need assistance with Panopto.

How to Email Students from the Class Roster in myUCF:

  1. Log in to the myUCF portal using your NID and NID password.
  2. Click on Faculty/Advisor Self Service.
  3. Click on Instructors.
  4. Next, select View My Teaching Schedule. Your assigned courses will be displayed.
  5. To the left of each course is the My Class Roster column. Click on the icon next to course where you want to send a student message.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Select All..
  7. Click the Notify All Students button. Enter the subject and body of your message. We suggest typing out the message beforehand and copy-and-paste it into the message, so the system does not time out while you are composing.
    • Note: You cannot add an attachment using the myUCF Roster.
  8. Click the Send Notification button.