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About Us and Our Mission

We are a community of educators, developers, researchers, and vendors with the calling to:

  • Nurture and grow the next generation digital learning ecosystem of trusted and secure digital tools
  • Explore and share the value proposition of LTI standards
  • Build a repertoire of best practices to empower faculty and students with innovative technology-driven digital learning
  • Facilitate/participate in professional development opportunities to prepare faculty and staff adopt standards-based edtech tools via webinars and hackathons
  • Find/contribute sample code, how tos, tips & tricks, to get started with LTI

Getting Acquainted with LTI Standards

IMS Basic Overview of How LTI Works

Learn what LTI standards aim to provide, key concepts, and terminology that will come in handy as you prepare to adopt the standard.

Get to Know LTI Advantage (Video)

Watch this video for an introductory nuts and bolts to LTI Advantage.

LTI Advantage: 5 Things You Need to Know

A companion article to the video above by Linda Feng to quickly gain an understanding of the practicalities of LTI Advantage.

IMS Recommended LTI Adoption Roadmap and FAQ

Learn the best path to upgrade from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3.

UCF Open LTI Templates

Jump-start new projects with these boilerplate examples which are available from UCF Open's Github account.

IMS Global Learning Consortium Learning Tools Interoperability

Learn and access detailed information about LTI standards, their background, and roadmap.

Spark Your Imagination!

Get your creative side going by perusing through samples, best practices, templates, and tools.

App/Best Practice Spotlight


Action Icons by University of Central Florida

Check out the latest certified LTI Tool Provider from UCF! Action Icons allows faculty to quickly insert accessible icons that direct the student to do something such as read a passage in a book or watch a video.

Canvas by Instructure - LTI Advantage (v2019.1.29)

Canvas has been certified for v2 of Assignment & Grade Services, Deep Linking, and Names & Roles Provisioning.


LTI Templates

Jump-start new projects with these boilerplate examples which are available at the following links:

LTI Advantage Template

Now Available! Boilerplate LTI Advantage (1.3) template written using Python 3 and the Flask framework.


Boilerplate LTI template written in Python using the Flask framework.


LTI template written in Python using the Flask framework. Uses Instructure's oAuth login to generate an API Key.


Boilerplate LTI template written in PHP.

Check out all of UCF's open sourced projects and templates at GitHub UCFopen.

Examples of Implementations

Find ideas with some of the University of Central Florida projects that implement LTI standards at UCF's Integrations page.

Submit your project or implementation for others to learn or adopt using our contact form.

Certification Resources

IMS Product Certifications

Visit this site to verify the certification of the edtech tool your are considering to adopt.

IMS Get Certified

Learn how to get your application certified.

Reach out by letting us know about you and your quest!