Zoom Update Will Require Passcode or Waiting Room on Meetings (August by 10th)

For security reasons, starting August 10th, Zoom will require all meetings to have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. Waiting rooms are on by default.

What if I don’t have a Waiting Room or Passcode enabled by August 10th?

If you have a scheduled meeting where you have disabled the waiting room and do not have a passcode, Zoom will enable a Waiting Room for your meetings. You will then need to admit students to your meeting.

If I already have a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled, will anything change? 

No, your settings will remain the same for your current selection.

How will this affect my calendar invitations when scheduling meetings?

  • If you already have a Passcode or Waiting Room on, there will be no change to how you schedule meetings.
  • If Passcodes are added, calendar invites for any existing meeting will need to be resent to include the Passcode. New meetings will have the Passcode embedded in the meeting link automatically.
  • If Waiting Rooms are enabled, there is no change to how you schedule meetings. 

Why enable a Passcode?

If you do not wish to admit your students individually from the Waiting Room, the Passcode option is the best choice as it will admit the student automatically after the host arrives.

If you need assistance, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support by submitting a support ticket or sending an email to: webcourses@ucf.edu.

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