e-Textbook Essentials

UCF’s Mobile Initiative Team at CDL has been busy developing an eTextbook course called eTextbook Essentials. eTextbook Essentials is a professional development course open to UCF instructors, and will eventually be open to faculty from other universities.

About the Course

The course is modular and allows individuals to work through the experience step-by-step, or pick and choose from the module-specific content that they would like to focus on. The eTextbook Essentials course provides an overview of eTextbooks, discusses the device usage and various eTextbook formats, addresses common barriers to course integration, and provides practical guides and examples that will help individuals learn to integrate eTextbook into their courses.

Furthermore, the course provides detail about UCF-specific resources, policies, technology availability, and access. The Mobile Initiative Team would like UCF faculty members to know what eTextbook resources are available to their students, and how to use that technology to meet the needs of their diverse student population.