Color Contrast in Webcourses@UCF

Color Contrast Against White Background

The WCAG 2.0 guidelines establish the color contrast between text and the background color in HTML content. For text below 14 point, the ratio is 4.5 to 1. For text larger than 14 point, the ratio is 3 to 1. The three tables below show the default 39 colors available in the rich content editor in Webcourses@UCF. Use them as a guide to determine the appropriate color use in Webcourses@UCF. Utilize the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker to test a different background color.

Fail: Below 4.5 to 1 Ratio

Color Ratio Sample
Olive 4.2 Olive
Red 4.1 Red
Gray 3.95 Gray
Sea Green 3.57 Sea Green
Magenta 3.14 Magenta
Orange 2.94 Orange
Medium Gray 2.85 Medium Gray
Plum 2.19 Plum 
Amber 2.14 Amber
Pink 1.97 Pink
Peach 1.97 Peach
Turquoise  1.97 Turquoise 
Sky Blue 1.9 Sky Blue
Yellow Green 1.9 Yellow Green
Light Sky Blue 1.69 Light Sky Blue
Gold 1.51 Gold
Light Yellow 1.46 Light Yellow
Lime 1.37 Lime
Aqua 1.25 Aqua
Pale Green 1.12 Pale Green
Pale Cyan 1.09 Pale Cyan
Yellow 1.07 Yellow
White 0 White

Good: (4.5-7 to 1 Ratio)

Color Ratio Sample
Red Violet 6.95 Red Violet
Grayish blue 5.35 Grayish Blue
Green 5.14 Green
Teal 4.77 Teal
Royal Blue 4.68 Royal Blue


Best: Over 7 to 1 Ratio

Color Ratio Sample
Black 21.1 Black
Navy Blue 16.01 Navy Blue
Dark Green 14.25 Dark Green
Dark Olive 13.01 Dark Olive
Very Dark Gray 12.63 Very Dark Gray
Dark Azure 12.6 Dark Azure
Maroon 10.95 Maroon
Indigo 10.12 Indigo
Purple  9.42 Purple 
Blue  8.59 Blue 
Burnt Orange 7.43 Burnt Orange