Instructional Designer Assignments

Instructional Designer Assignments

If your department is missing from this list, please contact Dr. Aimee deNoyelles.

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College of Arts and Humanities

Department Instructional Designers
Africana Studies Dr. Baiyun Chen, Dr. Rohan Jowallah
English Dr. Tommi Barrett-Greenly, Tina Calandrino, Dr. Rohan Jowallah, John Raible, Dr. Shelly Wyatt
Film Ryan Seilhamer
History Sue Bauer, Dr. Rohan Jowallah
Judaic Studies Tina Calandrino, Dr. Luke Bennett
Latin American Studies Dr. Amanda Major
Modern Languages and Literatures Dr. Amanda Major, Dr. Shelly Wyatt, Tina Calandrino
Music Dr. Luke Bennett, Dr. Shelly Wyatt
Philosophy Tina Calandrino, Dr. Amanda Major, John Raible, Dr. Shelly Wyatt
Theater Dr. Tommi Barrett-Greenly, Dr. Wendy Howard
School of Visual Arts & Design Tina Calandrino, Dr. Rohan JowallahAshley Salter, Ryan Seilhamer
Writing & Rhetoric Tina CalandrinoJohn Raible

College of Business Administration

Department Instructional Designers
Accounting Dr. Wendy Howard
Economics Dr. Amanda Major
Finance Dr. Wendy Howard
Integrated Business Kathleen Bastedo, Debbie Kirkley, Ashley Salter, Dr. Wendy Howard
Management Dr. Wendy Howard, Ashley Salter
Marketing Dr. Wendy Howard, Ashley Salter

College of Education and Human Performance

Department Instructional Designers
Child, Family & Community Sciences Kathleen Bastedo, Dr. Luke Bennett, Tina CalandrinoDr. Rohan Jowallah, Dr. Amanda Major, Nancy Swenson
Educational & Human Sciences Dr. Luke Bennett, Tina Calandrino, Dr. Rohan Jowallah, Dr. Amanda Major, Nancy Swenson
School of Teaching, Learning & Leadership Dr. Luke BennettTina CalandrinoDr. Wendy Howard, Dr. Amanda Major, Nancy Swenson

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Department Instructional Designers
Civil, Environmental , & Construction Engineering TBD – Contact Dr. Aimee deNoyelles
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Dr. Luke BennettDr. Baiyun Chen
Industrial Engineering & Management Systems TBD – Contact Dr. Aimee deNoyelles
Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering Dr. Baiyun Chen, Dr. Luke Bennett

College of Health and Public Affairs

Department Instructional Designers
Communication Sciences & Disorders Kathleen Bastedo, Dr. Rohan Jowallah
Criminal Justice Dr. Wendy Howard, Nancy Swenson
Health Management & Informatics Dr. Tommi Barrett-Greenly, Sue Bauer, Ryan Seilhamer
Health Professions Kathleen Bastedo
Legal Studies Dr. Luke BennettJohn RaibleNancy Swenson
Public Administration Tina Calandrino, Dr. Wendy Howard, Ashley Salter, Dr. Shelly Wyatt
Public Affairs Ashley Salter, Dr. Shelly Wyatt
Social Work Dr. Tommi Barrett-Greenly, Ashley Salter, Nancy Swenson

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Department Instructional Designers
Foodservice & Lodging Dr. Tommi Barrett-GreenlySue Bauer, Ryan Seilhamer
Hospitality Services Dr. Tommi Barrett-GreenlySue Bauer, Tina Calandrino, Dr. Wendy HowardRyan Seilhamer
Tourism, Events & Attractions Dr. Tommi Barrett-GreenlySue BauerDr. Wendy Howard, Ryan Seilhamer

College of Medicine

Department Instructional Designers
Biomedical Sciences Kathleen Bastedo, Dr. Baiyun Chen

College of Nursing

Instructional Designers

College of Sciences

Interdisciplinary Studies

Track Instructional Designers
Womens Studies Dr. Amanda Major
Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Tommi Barrett-Greenly, Dr. Luke BennettDr. Wendy Howard, Dr. Amanda Major

Graduate Studies

Track Instructional Designers
Institute for Simulation and Training Dr. Tommi Barrett-GreenlyDr. Luke Bennett

Additional Assignments

Career Services & Experiential Learning

Instructional Designers

Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning

Instructional Designer
Dr. Aimee deNoyelles

Non-Academic (Special Program) Courses