Verifying Academic Engagement

How Do Students Verify Their Financial Aid?

Students have access to a page within the Student Center in the myUCF portal that will allow them to view their academic activity in courses for federal financial aid. The page lists all of the UCF courses in which the student is enrolled and will display whether or not the academic activity has been recorded for federal financial aid purposes.

If a student asks you about the status of their financial aid in your course, you can refer them to the portal to verify their courses individually. If an academic activity has not been recorded and you have an activity in the course, there are several possibilities:

  1. The student hasn’t submitted the activity correctly. If you have set up the activity as an assignment, discussion, or quiz, you can check the gradebook in Webcourses to verify that the student has submitted it.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.08.42 PM
  2. The student submitted the activity, but the verification page has not been updated. The verification page is updated every Monday. You can check the date and time of the student’s submission in SpeedGrader. In order for the activity to be verified on Monday, the student must complete the activity by the previous Friday.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.11.38 PM
  3. The data cannot be collected due to the current activity settings. If the student has submitted an activity in time to be verified and it has not been verified, there may be something wrong with the way the activity was originally set up. To verify the assignment settings, consult the FAQs or contact the Faculty Center or Online@UCF Support for assistance.

Below is a screenshot of what students see when they login to the myUCF Portal to check their Financial Aid status. Click the image to enlarge it.