Teaching with Lecture Capture

Teaching with Lecture Capture (TLC)

TLC is a set of self paced tutorials for faculty who wish to teach in a video streaming modality and who wish to present course content appropriate for video lecture capture. The program is a UCF prerequisite for delivery of an exclusively video streamed course (V), or a video streamed course with classroom attendance options (RV). Click here for the full definition of UCF course modalities.

Video content may be recorded during a live class session in specially equipped classrooms, or on a computer with appropriate equipment.

TLC is technology-focused and addresses the pedagogical, logistical, and technological issues involved in delivering a course in a video streaming modality. The program covers the basics of using UCF’s video capture and delivery technologies, how to integrate and host the course with the Webcourses@UCF system, and some basic classroom advice for teaching via video.

The time commitment for TLC is estimated to be eight clock hours. The program is self-paced, online, and you may begin at any time. If you are interested in participating in TLC, please ask your department chair to send a request to CDL Associate Director Bob Reed at reed@ucf.edu

If your need is to develop an original W or M course, please visit the page for IDL6543.  If you want to deliver an existing W or M course, please visit the page for ADL5000. For training on how to use Webcourses@UCF, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support. To request a Webcourses@UCF course section, please fill out this form.