CDL Graphics Portfolio


Custom avatars that provide an extra personal flair to your course.

Avatar of a man with a bright idea

Avatar of a man

Avatar of a woman with a border that says Watch This

Avatar of a woman


Visual stories that analyze data rather than simply present the information.

Circular chart of edtech

Chart of Interaction between Online and In-Field

Chart showing MiL0s Free Response: Measurable Learning Objectives

Chart of 21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems

Course Graphics

A variety of ways to visually enhance your online course.

Bookshelf containing the Books of the TaNaKh

Illustrated chart

Gif of the Pythagorean Theorem

Graphic of Precordial Leads


A style for providing solutions for your visual ideas.

Comic of playgroup

Illustration of a ship firing cannonballs

Illustration of a couple having dinner

Illustration of a sprinter

Illustration of a woman in a wheelchair speaking to a construction worker


Concepts that have been identified as difficult for students to grasp that may benefit from a visual to support that concept.

Infographic of Oral History Interview Project

Infographic of External Resources for Faculty

Infographic of Service Learning

Infographic of How Death Becomes a Homicide

Infographic of Roles


Geographical images with custom information supplied in a variety of ways.

Animated map of Jewish Diaspora from 70 CE to 1492

Map of Asia

Map of Florida

Map of Central America

Map of the Wine Growing Regions of the World


Custom photographs to provide solutions for your concepts through photo-manipulation, annotated photographs or we can use available stock photography.

Photo of Knight statue

Photo of two individuals standing in a room

Photo of tire skids on the pavement

Photo of Top Chef Rosen

Course Banners

An image that appears on the home page of your online course. This identifies the course title and can be customized to reflect the content of your course.

Want to See More Banners?

An array of banners currently used in courses can be viewed on the Sample Banner page.

Banner Example for Formal Logic I

Banner Example for Humanistic Traditions I

Banner Example for Child Welfare Services

Banner Example for Human Systems Integration in Modeling and Simulation