Course Banners & Graphics


The following are examples of course banners produced by the Center for Distributed Learning for faculty and colleges for use in Webcourses@UCF. These graphics may be used by those in the UCF community without written permission. Text information is presented only as an example and should be disregarded.

Request Custom Banners & Graphics

If you have completed IDL6543 and need to request any updated or custom graphics for your online course, please contact your Instructional Designer.

If you would like to request a course banner, visitĀ the CDL Graphics Banner Request Form. Any faculty member can request a course banner.

Action Icons

Action Icons have been created for use in Webcourses@UCF (e.g., Do This, Read This, Watch This, etc.) to bring attention to a specific area of text or media. These icons are fully integrated into Webcourses@UCF through the Rich Content Editor. Detailed instructions on how to add Action Icons to your course are provided by Webcourses@UCF Support. A few examples are shown below.

Do This
Do This
Read This
Read This
Try This
Try This
Watch This
Watch This

Banner Design Examples

A banner may already exist for your course. Use the Course Banner Search tool below to see previously created banners. Simply type in your course prefix (e.g. ENC) or your course prefix and number (e.g. ENC1101) in the text box and click Submit. Feel free to use one of the banners displayed or use it as the basis for your request.

Course Banner Search

Sample Banners

Check out our sample banners page to view examples of banners used in actual academic courses.

Banner Color Examples

An assortment of accessible banner color options are displayed below. Each banner portrays a different color swatch that can be selected for your custom banner. Alternative colors can also be used upon request, but the colors below have been verified as accessible in online courses.


Gold Swatch

gold banner


Red Swatch

red banner


Wine Swatch

wine banner


Blue Swatch

blue banner


Navy Swatch

navy banner


Green Swatch

green banner


Lime Swatch

lime banner


Orange Swatch

orange banner


Purple Swatch

purple banner


Brown Swatch

brown banner


Grey Swatch

grey banner