Assess Current Content


Regardless of your discipline, putting your content message online requires careful examination of many factors. Moving from the initial idea to the desired result requires planning, hard work, and commitment. You need to analyze your current student audience and course structure and then design and develop a plan that works for you. The final result is implementing a well organized and designed course.

Transitioning to an online environment is much more than simply creating electronic versions of hard copy content. You need to examine the big picture, evaluate what you already have to work with, and develop a plan that:

  • is based on the instructional goals of your course
  • integrates your learner centered objectives
  • applies media and message design principles.

The transformation requires commitment and adherence to an organized, strategic process.

This Media and Message tutorial begins with an evaluation of your existing instructional materials. There are benefits, constraints, and limitations in the online environment you need to consider. You will need to modify and develop new content that takes advantage of new options available in the online environment.

Our goal is to provide you with an overview of message, media, and visual design principles to help you create effective online instructional materials. So let’s get started with the Message Design.