Media Message Design Tutorial


Completing this Media and Message Design Tutorial will guide you through the redesign of content for your online course. Make sure you work through all levels of the tutorial: Assessment, Message Design, Media Components, and Maintenance.


Creating materials for your online course is more than just developing electronic files of existing hard copy materials. Assess what you have, identify the components you need to produce based on your instructional goals, and define a development plan considering your time frame and available resources.

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Message Design

To achieve instructional value in an online course, one must consider the pedagogical, technical, and logistical variables involved in developing your message. After doing so you are ready to begin developing your course content.

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Media Components

Besides written text, you have other choices for presenting your online content. Media, such as sound, images, and video components can assist in the delivery of your course learning objectives. Media components should be used to enhance your online content.

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The key to creating and maintaining an online course is to apply a well-balanced plan. Start with the basics. Keep it simple. Gradually increase the use of media components in building your online course. Even when you think the course is completed, ongoing evaluation, maintenance, and revisions will be necessary.

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