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  • Episode 24: Multilingual Musings: International Connections in Online Education

    About Episode 24: Online education is a global phenomenon with a worldwide reach. But we often think about it provincially. In this episode, join hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh and guest Alexandra Pickett to consider the value and logistics … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 23: What is your Elevator Pitch? Talking to the Public about Online Education

    About Episode 23: Join Tom and Kelvin as they identify principles useful in addressing questions and assumptions of those outside of online education. Think of this as articulating a value proposition or making an elevator pitch. This episode contains a … Continued Read More »
  • Extending the Efficacy of the Learning Management System: Integrating Tools to Enhance Learning Online

    Abstract Learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard and Canvas provide a foundation for instructors to design online learning experiences. In recent years, the functionality of most LMSs has expanded to offer more flexibility, primarily by allowing external tools to … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 22: Better Together: Diversity in Online Education

    About Episode 22: Kelvin and Tom are joined by guests Ke’Anna Skipwith and Lamont Eddins from EDUCAUSE’s Diversity in IT Constituent Group to discuss diversity and inclusivity within online education, specifically among students, faculty, and instructional designers. Episode 22 Show … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 21: Accessibility: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

    About Episode 21: Ensuring the accessibility of content and interactions by all learners must be a priority for online education professionals. In this episode, hosts Tom and Kelvin consider the ongoing, multi-faceted challenge of facilitating accessibility. Download Transcript [PDF, RTF] … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 20: Professional Development Through Podcasting

    About Episode 20: In this episode, Tom and Kelvin, supplemented by members of a recent conference panel, consider how podcasting can be a vehicle for receiving and creating professional development opportunities. Episode 20 Show Notes: Episode Synopsis via Twitter View … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 19: The Multiple Roles of Instructional Designers

    About Episode 19: Instructional designers are central to the success of online/blended education. But IDs play a variety of roles, some in possible conflict. In this episode, hosts Tom and Kelvin are joined by guest Dr. Katie Linder as they … Continued Read More »
  • Personalizing the Learning Experience: Integrating Adaptive Elements in Online Courses

    Abstract Supporting the learning needs of students in online courses is commonly perceived as challenging for instructors, as the time and effort needed to master particular concepts may vary widely. Adaptive learning, an educational method which adapts presentation of material … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 18: Expanding Access to College through Online Education

    About Episode 18: College degree attainment will not grow significantly without removing barriers to qualified students who aren’t enrolling. In this episode, Kelvin and Tom consider how online education can expand access to college. Download Transcript [PDF, RTF] Episode 18 … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 17: Researching “Questions of Consequence”

    About Episode 17: Most of us like knowing that “someone” is doing research that validates our work. In this episode, Tom and Kelvin are joined by guest Dr. Charles Graham, prolific researcher of technology-mediated teaching and learning, as they discuss … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 16: Operationalizing Online Course Quality

    About Episode 16: How do we see to it that the design and teaching of online courses are of the highest quality possible? In this episode join hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh as they dig deeper into the practicalities … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 15: It’s More About the Social than the Media

    About Episode 15: Everyone has an opinion about the role of social media in education. In this episode hosts Thomas Cavanagh and Kelvin Thompson are joined by guest Dr. Tanya Joosten, author of Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best … Continued Read More »
  • Promoting Flexible Learning Opportunities in Online Courses: A Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Approach

    Abstract Addressing the needs of individual learners in online courses is commonly perceived as challenging for instructors. Design principles included in the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework have the potential to optimize learning in all spaces for all people, … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 14: The Problem with Quality: Consensus vs. Connoisseurship

    Perceptions of quality (high and low) are a perennial problem in online education. What is quality? Who decides? What if others disagree? Should majority rule? What about expert knowledge? Join Tom and Kelvin in wrestling with these questions and more in this on-location episode. Read More »
  • CDL Website Maintenance

    The CDL web server will undergo routine maintenance on Saturday, May 14th at 7:00am EDT. The outage will last approximately 1 hour. During this time, and 16 other CDL websites will not be accessible. Read More »
  • Episode 13: The MOOC Gets a Toddler Check-Up

      About Episode 13: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been in the news for a few years now (at least the xMOOC variety). It is probably well past time that the xMOOC receives a “toddler check-up!” Join hosts Kelvin … Continued Read More »
  • 2016 Dziuban Award – Alisha Janowsky

    The Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) has awarded the fifth annual Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching to Alisha Janowsky, Ph.D., from the Department of Psychology, College of Sciences. The award presentation occurred during the Showcase event that concluded the spring section of CDL’s faculty development program for online and blended teaching, IDL6543. Read More »
  • Spring 2016 Online Faculty Showcase

    IDL6543 is the award-winning faculty development program required for all UCF faculty who plan to design, develop, and teach new courses online. Your colleagues in the Spring 2016 cohort are approaching the end of the program and are getting ready for the Showcase event! The Showcase is a conference-style event with a plenary session, participant course presentations in four concurrent tracks, and a closing session. There will be scheduled breaks, … Read More »
  • Episode 12: The LMS: Past, Present, and Future

      About Episode 12: The Learning Management System (LMS) is often indistinguishable from online education in the minds of the uninitiated. In this episode,  join hosts Thomas Cavanagh and Kelvin Thompson as they examine where the LMS has been, where … Continued Read More »
  • Webcourses@UCF User Interface Update

      What’s New to Webcourses@UCF In the upcoming semester break, Webcourses@UCF will be receiving a new look.  The new user interface (UI) will retain all of the functionality of the current Webcourses@UCF and provide a sleek, modern interface by restructuring … Continued Read More »
  • CDL-Library-FCTL Discussion

    Join the growing community of faculty who are interested in lowering the cost of course materials for students! UCF Libraries, the Center for Distributed Learning, and FCTL are jointly hosting a session on Open Educational Resources (OER) offered by OpenStax.  … Continued Read More »
  • TOPR: Share Your Online/Blended Teaching Practices with the World!

    The editorial board of the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) is pleased to announce a call for submissions for new TOPR entries from now until April 30, 2016. Selected entries will be announced in May 2016. Please consider submitting an entry using the submission form at: … Continued Read More »
  • UDOIT Downtime

    UDOIT will be down periodically between the hours of 8am and 6pm on Monday, March 7th, for some much-needed updates.  If you encounter issues with the tool during this time, please try again after 6pm.  If you are still encountering … Continued Read More »
  • Episode 11: Getting to the Goal of Going Textbook Free

      About Episode 11: Join hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh as they discuss making higher ed more affordable for students with their guest Dr. Karen Vignare. (Second episode in an occasional mini-series on “the iron triangle” of cost, access, … Continued Read More »
  • The Role of Synchronous Communication in Asynchronous Online Courses

    Seminar Date: March 29, 2016 Seminar Time: 1:00pm Location: Streamed Online from LIB 161B Abstract The ability to communicate in real time (synchronous) through media such as text, audio, and video, can enhance the online learning experience by providing dynamic … Continued Read More »