Basic Zoom Troubleshooting

The most common problem students encounter when trying to access Zoom recordings is not using their UCF credentials (the “Sign in with SSO” option) when using the Zoom App. Webcourses@UCF Support finds students often sign in with their email account to access recorded lectures.

Having Trouble Accessing Zoom Recordings?

<strong>Did You Sign-in Correctly?</strong>

The most common problem encountered in accessing Zoom recordings is that students are not accessing Zoom with their UCF credentials (the “Sign in with SSO” option) when using the Zoom App and instead of signing in with an email account to access recorded lectures. As a result, when students click the Zoom recording link, access is denied.

This is an easy problem to fix. Visit and click Sign In in order to log-in using your UCF Network ID (NID). Once logged in via UCF, clicking the Zoom recording link should work successfully.  

Note: If switching from a personal Zoom account to a UCF account, you may need to clear your browser cache/cookies to prevent any login errors.

<strong>Are You Using Your UCF Zoom Account?</strong>

Checking to see if you are logged in is very easy. If you are on or the PC/Mac application, just click on your profile portrait on the top right. When you do that you will see your name, the word LICENSED, and your email (it may be partially or totally hidden). This will confirm you are logged in properly.

In the mobile Zoom app, just click on Settings and you will see your name, your email, and the word LICENSED if you are logged in to the UCF Zoom account. 

<strong>Did You Sign Out of All Your Zoom Locations?</strong>

If you are still not able to access Zoom, try signing out of Zoom Everywhere.

1. Go to
2. Click on Profile on the top left. 
3. Scroll down to Signed-In Device and click Sign Me Out From All Devices

Sign Out

Retry Accessing through Webcourses@UCF

  1. Go to
  2. Login with SSO
  3. Go to
  4. Navigate to the course and then click on Zoom in the Course Navigation or click on a Recording URL.
  5. The Zoom landing page in Webcourses@UCF is where you will previous meetings, upcoming meetings, and available recordings.

Locating Passcodes

Passcodes (meeting passwords) are unique to every meeting and are an added level of security. You will need the meeting’s passcode in order to access both the live meeting and any recordings. Passcodes are meant to be shared with invited meeting participants along with the meeting ID for access.

How to Find Passcodes for Recordings:

<strong>How to Find Passcodes for a Cloud Recording in Webcourses@UCF</strong>

If your instructor has not shared the passcode with you through an email or posted it somewhere in the course, you may be able to find the passcode if your instructor has used Zoom in Webcourses@UCF to publish the recording. Follow the steps below to find the passcode: 

  1. Navigate to Zoom in Webcourses@UCF. 
  2. Select the Cloud Recording tab.
  3. Select the recording you wish to view.
  4. Click on the eye icon to reveal the passcode to the recording.
Click eye icon to reveal passcode

How to Find Passcodes for Meetings:

<strong>How to Find Meeting Passcodes in Webcourses@UCF and Web Portal – Hosts </strong>

  1. In Webcourses@UCF or, navigate to Upcoming Meetings
  2. Click on the meeting you need to access.
  3. Go down to where it says Security and if there is a passcode, click Show
  4. If you copy the invitation or one was sent to your students, the link should have the passcode embedded in it. The invitation will have the passcode in the body of the text as well.

<strong>How to Find Meeting Passcode in Webcourses@UCF – Participants</strong> 

  1. While in Webcourses@UCF, click on your Course, then click Zoom
  2. Locate the scheduled meeting and click Invitation
  3. The invitation information will appear in a window and it will contain the passcode if the instructor has enabled one for the meeting.   
  4. Navigate to your course in Webcourses@UCF, then click Zoom on the course navigation menu.

<strong>How to Find Meeting Passcode on Zoom Desktop Application – Hosts</strong> 

  1. Under the Meetings tab, click on the meeting in question. 
  2. You can either click Show Meeting Invitation or click Edit
  3. You will see the passcode displayed in the meeting invitation.
  4. To share the passcode, click Copy Invitation. This will copy the entire invitation to your clipboard. You can then paste the information wherever you need to in order to share it with the appropriate parties.  

Zoom Support

Webcourses@UCF Support provides support to our students, faculty, and staff for any technical assistance, concerns, or questions related to Zoom.