Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

To start a Zoom meeting, you must first schedule it. There are two ways to schedule Zoom meetings: through Webcourses@UCF and through the UCF Zoom Portal at First, we’ll review how to start a Zoom meeting through Webcourses@UCF.

  1. Log in to Webcourses@UCF and navigate to your course.
  2. Click on Zoom in your course navigation menu.
  3. Click Schedule a New Meeting.
  4. Enter a Topic.
  5. Configure the meeting settings.
    1. Enter an optional description.
    2. Enter the date and time of your meeting. This will likely be your regular class time.
    3. Set the duration of the meeting.
    4. Under Video, select ON for the host and OFF for the participants.
  6. Click Save.

When scheduling a Zoom meeting within Webcourses@UCF, all enrolled students in your course will be automatically invited to the meeting. All students will receive a notification to join the meeting. If you want to schedule a meeting without alerting your students or are interested in scheduling a meeting that does not involve the entire course, schedule your meeting through the Zoom website instead.