Using a Rubric for Grading in a Turnitin Assignment

Using a Rubric for Grading in a Turnitin Assignment

If you would like to use a rubric for grading in SpeedGrader on a Turnitin assignment, you will first have to create/add the rubric to the assignment before enabling Turnitin. If you have already enabled Turnitin on an assignment, you can temporarily remove Turnitin and follow these steps.

Also, note that for students to see the rubric that you have attached, they will have to go to their Grades Details page and then click the “Show Rubric” button in the upper right-hand corner. If you would like for students to also be able to view a rubric directly on the assignment, you would have to create a rubric in the Turnitin settings as well.

When creating a new assignment:

In the Course Navigation, click on the Assignments tab.

Click the + Assignment button.

Add in any additional settings such as the point value and due dates. For now, keep the Submission Type as No Submission.

Click Save or Save & Publish.

On the Assignment page, click the + Rubric button to add a rubric.

add rubric

NOTE: Make sure to check the option for “Use this rubric for assignment grading” if you would like to use this rubric to grade in SpeedGrader.

You can then create a new rubric or use the “Find a rubric” option to find a rubric you have already created. Please see this guide for reference:

rubric settings

Once the rubric has been added, you can then click Edit to enable Turnitin on the assignment.

Change the Submission Type drop-down to External Tool to enable Turnitin. Please see this guide for reference on how to enable the Turnitin External Tool:

If you have already enabled Turnitin on an assignment and would like to add a rubric or change/edit a rubric that was already on the assignment, you can still do so.

  1. You will have to Edit the assignment, and temporarily change the Submission Type from External Tool to a different submission type (the easiest option would be to select No Submission or On Paper).
  2. Then click Save.
  3. You can then access the Rubric on the assignment page and make your changes.
  4. Once you are done, you can then click Edit on the assignment and then change the Submission Type back to External Tool so that you can re-enable Turnitin.
  5. Then click Save.

If students have already submitted to the assignment, you can still make these changes. If you temporarily make these changes to add the rubric, once the External Tool has been re-added to the assignment, the Turnitin LTI will re-link any submissions students had already submitted to the assignment. Students’ submissions, scores, or grades will not be lost.