Webcourses@UCF System Status

We understand how important it is to access Webcourses@UCF, but when downtime or degraded performance occurs, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured that when this happens, there is a team of dedicated individuals here at the Center for Distributed Learning working to get Webcourses@UCF operational.

In the event that Webcourses@UCF is down or experiences degraded performance, we will post alerts to this web page and our Twitter feed. You can also subscribe to Webcourses@UCF status notifications within the UCF Mobile app for instant alert notifications.

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Retention of Alerts

Status updates for Webcourses@UCF are only available for the current semester.

UCF Mobile Notifications
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Webcourses@UCF Status Alerts

  • Resolved – Webcourses@UCF Long Load Times – 8/7/19 2:03pm

    Canvas reports that this issue has been resolved and that users should no longer be experiencing extended load times. Please contact Webcourses@UCF Support at webcourses@ucf.edu or 407-823-0407 if you continue to experience long load times while using Webcourses@UCF.
  • Webcourses@UCF Long Load Times – 8/7/19 11:40am

    Canvas is currently reporting longer load times for users who are accessing Webcourses@UCF.  Canvas is aware of the issue and are currently investigating this behavior. Updates will be posted here.
  • Webcourses@UCF Down

    Webcourses@UCF went down at ~2:38PM to 2:52PM on 7/19/19.
  • Webcourses@UCF Quizzes page error resolved – 6/13/19 4:20pm

    This issue appears to be resolved at this time. Quizzes were down from ~3:50PM to 4:20PM. Please contact Webcourses@UCF Support at webcourses@ucf.edu or 407-823-0407 if you’re continuing to get a page error when trying to access Quizzes.
  • Webcourses@UCF Quizzes page error – 6/13/19 3:50pm

    Users are currently receiving errors when trying to access the Quizzes page in Webcourses@UCF. We are working to resolve this issue and will post updates here.