Roles in Webcourses@UCF

Choosing Roles in Webcourses@UCF

Webcourses@UCF (Canvas) has several different roles. If you need to add someone to an online course, start by answering the question: What do I Need This Person to do?

Activity Student Observer Designer Non-Grading Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant Teacher
Student View of Course yes yes yes yes yes yes
Submit Assignments yes no no no yes yes
Participate in Discussions yes no no yes yes yes
Add/Change Content no no yes yes yes yes
Grade Assignments no no no no yes yes
Publish a Course no no no no no yes
Can be Seen by Students yes no no yes yes yes

IMPORTANT: Anyone who accesses student records in an online course must complete FERPA training (the Teacher and Teaching Assistant roles). To sign up for FERPA training, please:

  1. Sign on to myUCF using your NID and NID password
  2. Click on Employee Self Service.
  3. Select Learning and Development.
  4. Select Request Training Enrollment.
  5. Click on Search for Course Name, enter FERPA, and click the Search button.
  6. Click View Available Sessions.
  7. Click the Session number you wish to join, then click the Continue button.

Note: If you need to give a Librarian access to your course, then please email Webcourses@UCF Support at from your email address with the person’s name, NID, role needed, and the course and section number.

Student Role

Students are automatically enrolled from PeopleSoft once they Register for a course. Students are updated in Webcourses@UCF every few hours during add/drop, and overnight during the rest of the semester.

Observer Role

The Observer role can be used to enroll Parents, Mentors, and Guests who would like to participate in a course but do not need to earn course credit. Observers have limited permissions that allow them to see what is going on in a course without interrupting the flow of daily course communication. Like students, Observers cannot view a course until it is published and the course has started.

  • You can add an Observer to your course from the course People button in your course’s left navigation menu. Click the Users tab, and click the Add Users button at the bottom of the page. Select Observers from the drop-down menu and add the NID to the field below it. When done, click Continue. Once the NID is confirmed, click  OK Looks Good, Add This 1 User.

Designer Role

Designers add course content and make changes, but do not interact with students or grades in any way. By default, the Designer does not edit grades, add/remove other users, Publish a course, or have access to the faculty journal. Generally speaking, the Designer Role is best suited for instructional designers or curriculum writers who write and manage course content while the Teacher Role is for instructors and faculty charged with facilitating meaningful learning interactions with the students.

  • Your department scheduler can assign someone the Designer role through PeopleSoft using the Course Manager settings.

Teacher Role

…adds course content, makes changes, and interacts with students or grades with no limitations.

  • If this person is paid or compensated by your department or college, then your department scheduler can add them to your course using PeopleSoft. If you do not know who your department scheduler is, then please contact your department chair’s office.
  • If this person is unpaid, a volunteer or intern, please email Webcourses@UCF Support at from your email address with the person’s name, NID, role, and the course and section number. It the responsibility of the Instructor of Record and department to ensure that this person has completed FERPA training.

Teaching Assistant Roles

  • Contact your department scheduler to add individuals needing these roles to your course using PeopleSoft. If you do not know who your department scheduler is, then please contact your department chair’s office.
  • Both roles require completion of FERPA training.
  • Both roles can be limited to view student and grade information for only one section in a combined course, but they are still able to send out Announcements to all combined sections.

Non-Grading Teaching Assistant Role (NG-TA)

…helps manage content, Discussions, and student groups, but does not have access to grading. If someone in an NG-TA role tries to access student grades, they receive an message “You are not Authorized to access this content”.

Teaching Assistant Role (TA)

…helps manage content Discussions, student groups, and grades, but does not have all the access of a Teacher.

  • Privileges enabled for a TA:
    • Manage (create / edit / delete) groups
    • Create web conferences
    • View discussions
    • View all students’ submissions and make comments on them
    • Moderate discussions (delete / edit other’s posts, lock topics)
    • Create student collaborations
    • Post to discussions
    • Manage (add / edit / delete) course files
    • Edit grades (includes assessing rubrics)
    • View all grades
    • View analytics pages
    • View the group pages of all student groups
    • View usage reports for the course
    • Add/remove students for the course
    • Manage all other course content
    • Send messages to course members
    • Manage wiki (add / edit / delete pages)
    • Add, edit and delete events on the course calendar
    • Manage (add / edit / delete) assignments and quizzes
    • See the list of users
    • Manage faculty journal entries
    • View and link to question banks
  • Privileges disabled for a TA
    • Read SIS data
    • Change course state
    • Manage (create / edit / delete) course sections
    • Add/remove other teachers, course designers or TAs to the course
    • Manage learning outcomes
    • Manage alerts
    • View Student Class Photos

If you are unsure which role will work best for your needs, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support.