Print Quizzes Using Respondus

In order to print a quiz from Webcourses@UCF, you will need to have Respondus installed on your computer.

Mac Users

Note: Respondus is currently not available for Mac users.

  1. Click on the Settings tab at the bottom left of your course.
  2. From the list of options on the right, click the Export Course Content
  3. Choose the Quiz option and select the quiz or quizzes you wish to export. Quizzes will be exported as a zipped QTI file.
  4. Click Create Export.
    1. The export may take some time depending on the amount of quizzes you export. A loading bar will display the amount of time remaining for the export. You are free to navigate away from this page. Once the export is complete, you will receive a notification email to your default email address.
  5. Next to the “New Export,” click Click here to download.
  6. Save the file to a location where you can easily find it (e.g. Desktop or Downloads folder)
  7. Open Respondus on your computer. Change the Current Personality dropdown menu from Instructure Canvas to IMS QTI 1.1+.
  8. Click the Import Questions
  9. For step one in Respondus, leave the dropdown menu option as QTI. Click the Browse button next to File name to select your quiz export.
  10. At the bottom of the pop-up window, change the Files of type dropdown to Zipped IMS QTI package (.zip).
  11. Locate the quiz export on your computer and click Open.
  12. For step two in Respondus, create a name for the new document.
  13. For step three in Respondus, click the Preview button to check the file for issues.
    1. Note: Respondus cannot properly open matching, multiple dropdowns, or file upload When you check the file for issues, Respondus will generate a notice that these questions will display as IMS QTI.
  14. For step four in Respondus, click the Finish button.
  15. Toggle to the Preview & Publish tab at the top.
  16. Select Print Options on the left. On the Print Options page, you have the option to print an exam without correct answer choices, and exam with an answer key, or an answer key. Each option has additional settings that you can configure by clicking the Settings button to the right. In addition, you also have the option to set headers for the document, randomize questions, or print a selection of questions.
  17. Choose one of the three available options to print the quiz.

    • Click Print Preview to see a preview of the quiz before it is printed.
    • Click Save to File to save the quiz as a Word document, Rich Text file, or Plain Text file.
    • Click Send to Printer to print the quiz or save the quiz as a PDF.
  18. When you have finished printing your quiz, return to the Start tab in Respondus and change the Current Personality back to Instructure Canvas so that you may import your quizzes to Webcourses@UCF.

Export Warnings

While exporting a quiz to Respondus is an easy solution to printing a quiz, there are some types of questions that may not print correctly. Respondus cannot properly read matching, multiple dropdowns, or file upload questions and will display as blank questions. In addition, short answer questions will show up as multiple choice questions, with only one answer selected as the correct answer. Multiple choice, multiple answer, and true/false questions will display correctly.