Download/Update Respondus

Looking for Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Students looking to download the Respondus Lockdown browser should do so here:

Download Respondus
2021-2022 Installation Password: Y2207I472413933Rf7f896fdfe930c80
Institution Name: University of Central Florida
Local Support Contact(s): Center for Distributed Learning

Installing/Updating Respondus on your work computer

You must have administrative access to your computer to download/update Respondus. If you do NOT have Administrative access, you will need to contact computer support for your college.

Updating Respondus

Even if you already have Respondus installed, you will need to update the application in order to use the new installer code.

Respondus and Windows 7

Respondus occasionally has an issue when installing on the Windows 7 operating system. If you receive an error after installing Respondus in Windows 7, please download and install the patch.

Annual License Renewal

The Respondus site license is renewed annually. With each renewal, Respondus users will be prompted to enter a new password. When this occurs, contact for the new information.