Your Personalized Learning Path

Your personalized learning path is your custom pathway through the course content. After Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning determines what you know and any knowledge gaps, you will see a color-coded map of the module. In the Guidance Panel to the left, you will see the suggested path you should take under Next Steps.

Next Steps Options

  • Practice: Preview the topic without producing a grade.
  • Learn: Begin learning a specific topic. In this area, you will interact with the content through reading, watching videos, working your way through examples, and completing interactive examples. At the end of most topics, you will answer questions based on your acquired knowledge and ability.
  • Path Map Key: Use the map key to interpret your progress along your path.

Personalized Learning Path

In the screenshot above, you can either begin a practice session by clicking the Practice button or navigate directly to the content by clicking the link next to Step 2.

Saving Your Progress

Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning automatically saves your progress. You can leave a module and choose to continue the content at a later time.

8-26-2015 10-16-08 PM-save progress

If you decide to exit a lesson, Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning will give you three options:

  • Save my progress for next time.
  • Discard my progress. I’ll start from scratch next time.
  • This lesson is too challenging for me.

You may choose to leave the lesson if it is too challenging, and review the section again before moving on. Abandoning the lesson to try at a later time will not negatively affect your grade, as long as you still complete it prior to any due date your instructor may have set.

If the due date has passed, you can still practice or revise from previous assignments. If your instructor allows you to work past the due date for revisions, any higher scores will be sent to Webcourses@UCF.

Working Past the Due Date

If your instructor enforces strict due dates and does not allow you to work past the due date, your grade in Webcourses@UCF will not improve. However, you are still free to practice, study, review, or revise content within Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning.