Peer Reviews

Student Peer Evaluations and Reviews

There are several ways of facilitating student feedback in Webcourses@UCF.

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews can be assigned for graded Assignment and Discussion submissions. Evaluations may be named or anonymous. The Peer Review feature allows students to make comments on a peer’s submission and fill out a grading rubric if you have one attached to the assignment. These appear as items on a student’s To-Do List.

Here is a guide on the student perspective of the Peer Review feature:

Peer Feedback

Student feedback can be gathered through group discussion boards. This can be useful for activities where you would like team members to provide feedback that is only accessible to their applicable group.

Here is a guide on creating a group discussion:

Using Surveys for Anonymous Evaluations

A Survey can give you access to evaluations from students about their group members using specific criteria or questions. These can be named or anonymous. This is the most flexible option available for student evaluations but requires initial set up and time to analyze data outside of Webcourses once they are complete.

Evaluation criteria can be set up as individual questions and students can answer the survey once for each group member they are evaluating. You can then export the Survey Statistics as an Excel file to sort through the data and determine which students received evaluations.

Here is a guide on creating Surveys: