Publish a Course

What does it mean to Publish a Course?

Webcourses@UCF courses have three essential states: unpublishedpublished, and concluded.

Unpublished Courses

Unpublished courses are courses in preparation; they are courses being authored by instructors and instructional designers. While a course is unpublished, students cannot access or participate in the course. When the course material is deemed ready by the instructor, it may be published with the click of a button.

Published Courses

Once a course is published, it is immeadiately available to enrolled students. When published, activity is dictated by the dates and status of course assignments and modules. Individual assignments, modules, or other course content can be individually locked (made unavailable to students) or assigned a date in the future, prior to which students will not be able to see or participate in that course component.

Concluded Courses

One week after grades are due the course is automatically concluded. The course enters a read-only mode: students are no longer able to make submissions or changes. This is the archive state of the course. An instructor or administrator can continue to use the course as a framework or template for future courses using Canvas’ course copy feature.

How to Publish a Course

Note: A course will not be available to students until published. Click the image below to learn how to publish your Webcourses@UCF course.

How to Publish Your Course