Student Drop for Non-Payment

What Happens if a Student has not Fully Paid for their Online Course?

Students who have outstanding payment due are dropped from courses for which they have not fully paid. This action will lock students out of online courses until full payment is received. Drop for non-payment is an automated university process that runs each semester. Students are notified by the Registrar’s Office if they have an outstanding bill. However, if the notice is sent to a home address, or if a student’s bill is paid by another party (family or scholarship), the student may not be aware of the payment deadline or consequences.

If a student suddenly does not have access to a course, students should check myUCF to determine whether they have a hold due to non-payment. The student is granted access to the course 24 hours after payment is processed. If the student wishes to make payment immediately, they can visit the Cashier’s office. Once payment is made, all student data is available the following day, and assignments and grades will not be lost.