Changes to Webcourses@UCF

Over Summer 2016 several user interface updates were added to Webcourses@UCF. For information about changes to the SpeedGrader interface, please visit .

Navigating Webcourses@UCF

Over Summer 2016 Webcourses@UCF received a new look. The new user interface (UI) retains all of the functionality of the previous Webcourses@UCF and provides a sleek, modern look by restructuring the Dashboard and Global Navigation Menu.

(1) Navigation Bar (2) Global Announcements (3) Dashboard (4) Side Bar


Welcome to Webcourses@UCF! Let’s take a moment to familiarize yourself with navigation. You are currently in the Dashboard. On the left-hand side you will find the Navigation Bar, containing paths to your account settings, courses, groups to which you may belong, your calendar, and your inbox.

Any global announcements and notifications posted by the Center for Distributed Learning or Canvas (the software behind Webcourses@UCF) will appear in the top-center of the screen.

The center of the screen is devoted to your Dashboard menu. Within the Dashboard, you will find global notifications and course cards.

The right-hand side of the screen contains the Side Bar. The Side Bar contains at-a-glance information about upcoming events, grades and feedback, and a to-do list.

Global Announcements

Global notifications are created by either the Center for Distributed Learning or Canvas for the purpose of providing timely information. These notifications will always appear at the top of the Dashboard. When you have finished reading the notification, you can click the ‘X’ to remove that notification from your Dashboard. Once a notification is removed it cannot be restored.

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Course Cards

Course cards provide at-a-glance information about favorite courses in which you are engaged. Course cards can provide quick access to course announcements, grades, discussions, and files. The quick access icon at the bottom of each card also provides a numerical notification of unread changes to each section.


Customizing Course Cards

Course cards can be customized by choosing a preferred color and nickname to each course. To make these changes, click on the ‘Edit’ icon in the top-right corner of the Course card. This only effects your personal view and will show up in mobile apps and your Calendar.


Adding Courses to Your Course Cards

Courses in which you are currently engaged should appear on the Dashboard as Course Cards. If you are missing a course and it has been published you will need to manually select it as a ‘Favorite Course’. To do this, click the ‘Course’ icon on the Navigation Bar. Click ‘All Courses’ to review your list of past and current online courses. Click the ‘Star’ icon next to any course you wish to be displayed in both your active course-list and Course Cards. The star will turn yellow and the card will appear on your Courses list.

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Logging Out

When you are done using Webcourses@UCF, logout by accessing your account from the Navigation Bar and clicking the ‘Logout’ button located below your profile image.

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Navigating the Inbox

Conversations in Webcourses@UCF allows you to communicate with other Webcourses users who are also currently engaged in your course. Conversations allows communications to individuals, an entire course, or pre-defined groups within a course.

To access Conversations, click on the ‘Inbox’ icon in the Navigation Bar.inbox-highlight
The inbox shows all your messages in all your courses by default. You can filter your inbox by courses and message status. To filter by course, click on the drop-down menu currently labeled ‘All Courses’ in the top-left of the screen. Find and select the course from which you wish to view messages.
To filter by message status, click on the drop-down menu currently labeled ‘Inbox’ in the top-left of the screen.  Message status filters include: Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent, Archived, and Submitted Comments.

You can select messages in the inbox located to the left of the screen. The inbox view provides subject, sender, date received, and a message preview. The full message can be viewed in the ‘Message Viewer’ located on the right of the screen. Messages can be replied to using the ‘Reply To’ icon located at the top-right of the message. ‘More Options’, indicated by the gear, provides additional sending options such as reply-all, forward, archive, and delete.

Messages from the same thread auto-collate to show the most recent message in the Inbox. Previous messages from the same thread can be viewed and interacted with by scrolling downwards through the Message Viewer. To interact with a previous message, mouse-over the message in the Message Viewer to reveal ‘Reply’ or ‘More Options’. Selecting ‘More Options’ in previous messages allows for reply-all, forward, or delete.

To compose a new message, select the ‘Compose New Message’ icon located in the menu at the top of the screen. A new window will appear. Select the desired course. Select recipients within the course. Available selections include the entire course, specific roles and individuals, or pre-defined groups as recipients. Input your subject. Input your message. In the lower-left corner, you will find options to add attachments.  Please be aware that attachments count against your file limit. When your message has been composed, you will find the ‘Send’ button in the lower-right corner.

Archive messages as you go along so they don’t pile up. Once you have read and/or replied to a message, click on the ‘Archive’ icon above the message. If the person later replies with a further question or comment, it will automatically be returned to your Inbox, so you won’t miss anything. Deleted Messages cannot be restored so we strongly recommend archiving messages instead.


Q: How do I access Webcourses@UCF?

A:  Accessing Webcourses@UCF remains the same. Visit to login.


Q: Will course content change?

A: No. The interface change will not change course content.


Q: If I have issues with Webcourses@UCF, who do I contact?

A: Please contact or 407.823.0407 for support with any Webcourses@UCF issues.


Q: Where can I find my list of current courses?
A: On your Dashboard, which is the first page you see once you log in.


Q: Where can I find my Conversations Inbox?
A: Click on Inbox in the left Global Navigation Menu


Q: Where can I find my Calendar?
A: Click on Calendar in the left Global Navigation Menu.


Q: Where can I change my Notifications preferences?

A: Click on Account in the left Global Navigation Menu. Click on Notifications.


Q: Where can I change my Account settings?

A: Click on Account in the left Global Navigation Menu. Click on Settings.


Q: How do I log out of my account?

A: Click on Account in the left Global Navigation Menu. Click on Logout.


Q: Where is my Recent Activity feed?

A: It is located in the top right corner of the Dashboard; click the toggle button to see a detailed list.