Add Twitter to your Course

These instructions will show you how to integrate a Twitter stream into your online course. These same directions work for many Apps. You can put any random number in both key fields when you install the app.

To add the Twitter LTI to your course, preview the Twitter Embed demo or follow the directions listed below:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. You will find yourself on the LTI Apps Page. Here is a list of available LTI’s for Canvas. Some of the more popular LTI’s are Panopto, Twitter, Youtube, Wolfram Alpha, WikiSpaces, and WordPress. Feel free to browse this webpage and find the LTI that is right for your course.
  3. Click the Twitter LTI
  4. Click Preview to view the Twitter Widget
  5. Click the Search Results dropdown menu
  6. You will be given two options:
    1. Search Results: Displays Tweets based on a specific key term
    2. User Tweets: Displays Tweets from a specified user
  7. For this example we will click User Tweets
  8. Enter the Twitter User Name here
  9. Click Preview to view the widget
  10. If you are satisfied with your widget, click Add
  11. Here is the HTML code you will need to add the widget to your course. Highlight all the text in the text box.
  12. Right click the highlighted text. Within the menu, click Copy
  13. After copying the text, navigate to your Webcourses@UCF section.
  14. Navigate to the content page you wish to place the widget, click Edit this Page
  15. Click Switch Views
  16. This is the HTML view of your page. Find the location of where you wish to add the Widget.  Paste the HTML code from the Twitter LTI Page.
  17. Notice the HTML Code from the Twitter LTI Page has been added to your content page.
  18. Click Switch Views to preview the content page
  19. Your new Twitter Widget will appear here. Because you are in edit mode, your widget will not be fully visible with real-time Tweets.
  20. Make any adjustments to the widget as you see fit. Click Save Changes when finished.
  21. Now you will see your new Twitter Widget loaded with real-time tweets.