Redirect Tool

Add a Link to the Course Navigation Menu

If you have a website your students frequently visit, you can add it to your course navigation menu using the Redirect Tool.   The Redirect Tool allows for a more seamless navigation for Webcourses@UCF users when needing to access external web resources.

Some examples for Redirect Tool uses include:

  • Creating direct access to an eTextbook
  • Providing top level navigation to an external website that will be used often in class

What is the Redirect Tool?

The Redirect Tool is an external app that enables users to customize a button in the left navigation pane of the course that opens a link inside the frame of the Webcourse@UCF environment.

How do you use it?

To use the Redirect Tool, go to the Course Settings page and in the Apps tab locate the Redirect Tool icon:


Click on the icon and then on the “Add App” button:


Now, simply provide the text you want displayed in the navigation menu and the URL to the website you’d like students to access. The Canvas Community has a great video that explains how external apps work: