Download Receipt and Proof of Submission

As proof of submissions, students should download the Turnitin receipt after submitting a Turnitin assignment. This will provide them with a PDF file of their receipt which includes their Paper ID number.

Download receipt button

In the assignment description, you may want to add a note to students to encourage them to download this receipt.

There are instances where a student claims to have submitted to an assignment but there is no submission in SpeedGrader or the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

Webcourses@UCF Support can check a users’ page views to see if they accessed the assignment page during the time the assignment was available. However, with the new Turnitin LTI, the Canvas logs cannot prove or disprove that the students made a submission attempt at that time.

Webcourses@UCF Support can open a ticket with Turnitin, but Turnitin has reported that they can only track papers by the Submission ID Number from the digital receipt in order to look further into these types of issues. The digital receipt would have appeared on screen after students submit the paper and may also have been sent via email. They recommend that students check their junk, spam, and trash email folders for the digital receipt email.

If the student did not receive a digital receipt via email, it’s possible that the upload process wasn’t fully completed. When uploading a file to a Turnitin assignment, there is a second step which is to Confirm Submission. If the second step isn’t completed, the paper will not be submitted, and there will be no digital receipt.

accept submission

Without this information or without a screenshot in Webcourses showing that the assignment was submitted, Turnitin cannot prove or disprove that a submission attempt was made.