Review ProctorHub Videos

After the quiz or exam has closed, faculty should review the images captured during the test.

Review a ProctorHub Attempt

  1. Click the ProctorHub tab in the course navigation menu.
    ProctorHub link displayed on the course navigation menu
  2. All quizzes with ProctorHub enabled will appear on the main ProctorHub page.
    ProctorHub Quiz List
  3. To view captured images, click on a quiz title in the Quiz ID column.
    Selected Quiz
  4. If a student has attempted the quiz, the student name and ID image will appear in the Name column. Thumbnails listed across the page in the Session column represent quiz attempts. The Show More… link appears if a student has attempted the same quiz three or more times.
    ProctorHub Student List
  5. Click on a thumbnail to display the selected student’s recorded attempt.
    ProctorHub Student Pictures
  6. A student’s recorded attempt will initially be a set of images. Approximately once a week, ProctorHub images are converted into video format for playback.
    ProctorHub Student Video